As a Community...

As a community of worshipers,  we strive to experience the very Presence of God as we sing, pray and give expression to the thanks we feel for a faith and grace-filled God. Through inspiring music and freedom of expression, we offer Him the worship He deserves.

As a community of the Word,  we expect good sound Biblical preaching and teaching. The Bible is our constitution and bylaws and the standard for faith and conduct. We believe that the Word of God serves as a love letter from our heavenly Father to us.

As a community of warfare,  we recognize that there are a lot of very real struggles in this life, and our fight is not with people, but with the enemy of our souls, the devil. Therefore,  we join our hearts together and pray in faith for the power of God to undertake on our behalf. We have witnessed many miracles of relationships restored, bodies healed and financial difficulties overcome by God’s miraculous intervention as we make war in the Spirit.

As a community of witnesses, we tell everyone we meet about the awesome work of God in our lives since we have come to know Him through Jesus Christ. We meet people where they are and share with them the love that Jesus has shown us. Everyone deserves an opportunity to know that Jesus loves them.

As a community that welcomes, we don’t want to leave anyone behind. We believe that God has put gifts in each individual’s life that needs to be discovered and shared. I need you…you need me! It’s more than just putting together a crowd for an event… it’s really all about building a family with strong bonds of loyalty,  love, acceptance and encouragement.