We believe that living life together is the heartbeat of a local church. Below you will find more information about our Special Interest Connect Groups you can get connected to. Please stop by connection point on Sundays right outside of the sanctuary in the east lobby for more information or for our connection specialists to assist you as we journey life TOGETHER!

Special Interest Connect Groups

Everyone has unique hobbies and interests and these groups provide an opportunity to do what you love while you connect and grow TOGETHER.

American Sign Language University - Open to everyone, Sunday evenings at 5pm at Trinity, located in room Class 3

Download and print student workbook HERE

Led by Olivia Parsons, this group aims to provide a training platform to gain communication into the deaf and hard of hearing community. A licensed facilitator helps teach this unique skill to all that attend.

Self Defense - Anyone, dates & times vary, located at Trinity in the Gym

Led by Mike & Melissa Cribbs, having the knowledge to defend oneself is a valuable tool. This group has classes throughout the year. All are welcome to attend, check the church calendar for the next available meeting.

Tuesday Men’s Prayer Group - Men, Weekly at 7:00 am at Trinity, located in the Men’s Class

Led by various group leaders, no sign up required. Join this group each week as they gather together to pray for many things.

First Friday for Friends - Women, 1st Friday of the month at 9:00 - 11:00 am located at Panera Bread on Miller Rd

Led by Kay Haddon, this group aims to provide time around the lunch table for ladies of all ages to connect. Grab a soup and a sandwich and enjoy new friendships, many laughs and much needed support as we do life together.

JOY Saturday Breakfast - Adults, 1st Saturday of the month at 9:00 am located at Golden Corral on Miller Rd

Led by JOY Ministry Leaders, this group aims to bring together adults ages 50 and over to a time of food, fellowship and reminiscing.

JOY Bible Study - Adults ages 50 and over, every Thursday at 10:00 am located in the Chapel

Led by JOY Ministry Leaders, this group aims to bring together adults ages 50 and over to a time prayer, worship and biblical studies.

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